Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trinidad JavaScript

Trinidad JavaScript

In short ?
Bad,obsolete,space consuming,sub-optimal .... practices,
in the order discovered.....
judged by my average JS knowledge....

  1. everything in global scope
  2. using new Array()
  3. var; var; var;
  4. Browser detection (sniffing)

  5. Useless chars eg: typeof (elem) == "string"
  6. ... this makes no sence to continue.....
TrUIUtils.createCallback = function(thisObj, func) {
 // create a function that sets up "this" and delegates all of the parameters
 // to the passed in function
 var proxyFunction = new Function(var f=arguments.callee; return f._func.apply(f._owner, arguments);");

 // attach ourselves as "this" to the created function
 proxyFunction._owner = thisObj;

 // attach function to delegate to
 proxyFunction._func = func;

 return proxyFunction;
TrUIUtils._cssToJs = function(prop) {
 var jsProp = '';
 var upperNext = false;
 for (var c = 0; c < prop.length; c++) {
  if (prop.charAt(c) == '-') {
   upperNext = true;

  if (upperNext) {
   jsProp += prop.charAt(c).toUpperCase();
  else {
   jsProp += prop.charAt(c);

  upperNext = false;
 return jsProp;
I had to stop after while... ... since this could be book of "JavaScript antisamples". I have no idea about the libs origin, they mention IE 4 versions, however Trinidad claim support to 6+, I belive a lot of code is "ported" from some other languages with little JS knowledge or care, or comes from aged libs written in the dark and deep web history. I have to quote Mr.D:
There are no good texts on JavaScript programming. Most of the people on the web who are producing JavaScript programs learned it by copying really bad examples from bad books, bad websites, and bad tools. We have an amazingly good community of JavaScript programmers here, but still we can benefit from better practice of style.

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