Wednesday, July 21, 2010

JSF, Trinidad, Oracle ADF Rich Client

I will start posting unsorted opinions about ADF in the next days
just to collect findings, subjective unproved hypothesis and mental shocks I'm ready to experience during my "late adoption".....

From JSF Specification:

Solving Practical Problems of the Web
JSF’s core architecture is designed to be independent of specific protocols and markup.
However it is also aimed directly at solving many of the common problems encountered
when writing applications for HTML clients that communicate via HTTP to a Java
application server that supports servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) based applications.

Or from ADF dev guide:

JavaServer Faces for Quick Learners
JSF 1.2 was chosen as the view layer of choice in Fusion web application development of Oracle
JDeveloper 11g. JSF is a Java EE standard since 2004 and in its current version 1.2 is part of the
Java EE 5 platform. JSF is designed to simplify web application development and changes the
programming model for building web pages from HTML markup development to the assembly
of reusable UI components that are declaratively linked to their data model and server-side event

But does this gives us mandate to produce

Bad html (suboptimal, not semantic at all, or event invalid ?)
Bad css (obtrusive, uneffective,....)
Bad JavaScript (obtrusive, large, old fassioned ?)
and ignore most of URI and HTTP principles ?

and i'm not commenting on backend Java code yet ;-(

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