Thursday, July 22, 2010

HeadRenderer (org.apache.myfaces.trinidadinternal.renderkit.core.xhtml)

This is snipped from trinidad-1.2.12 source code.

String title = getTitle(bean);

if (title != null)

rw.startElement("title", null);
rw.writeText(title, null);

// Write the META generator tag

First is very wrong from HTML validity point of view:
Validation Error: end tag for "HEAD" which is not finished
....For instance, in HTML the head element must contain a title child element...

Second which is unconditional write of

<meta name="generator" content="Apache MyFaces Trinidad">

is at least "unwanted" from "security" point of view.
However trinidad JSF style is so obvious that underlying technology
does not have to bue guessed the hard - "metadata generator way".

Of course, this can be fixed by implementing custom renderer, but...
wasn't trinidad designed to save my time in "usual situations" (at least ) ?

Please change the "if order" and make possible to turn off META generator tag.

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