Monday, August 2, 2010

Eclipse and JSP Validation rtexprvalue

Sometimes the ment for RAD slows you down.
Specially if not implemented by specs:

<jsp:directive.attribute name="title"/>

<l:holy-grail-no-quirks-mode title="${param.title}">

"title" does not support runtime expressions holy-grail-no-quirks-mode.jspx

Read the docs (jsp-2_0-fr-spec.pdf, Table JSP.8-3 Details of attribute directive attributes):
rtexprvalue (optional) Whether the attribute’s value may be dynamically
calculated at runtime by a scriptlet expression.Unlike the
corresponding TLD element, this attribute defaults to true.

Fix: you have to type extra chars if you want this warning to disapear:
<jsp:directive.attribute name="title" rtexprvalue="true"/>

Already registered ;-(

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