Monday, August 9, 2010

Beware, my lovely specs

SRV.2.3.2 Initialization
After the servlet object is instantiated, the container must initialize the servlet before
it can handle requests from clients. Initialization is provided so that a servlet can
read persistent configuration data, initialize costly resources (such as JDBC API based
and perform other one-time activities.

SRV. Multithreading Issues
A servlet container may send concurrent requests through the service method of
the servlet. To handle the requests, the Servlet Developer must make adequate provisions
for concurrent processing with multiple threads in the service method.
Although it is not recommended, an alternative for the Developer is to implement
the SingleThreadModel interface

EE.4.2.3Transactions and Threads
In web components not implementing SingleThreadModel,
transactional resource objects
should not be stored in class instance fields,
and should be acquired and released within the same invocation of the service method.

I do not understand what "initialize JDBC connection means" or the first suggestion is just excelent antisample ;-))

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