Thursday, June 9, 2011

Roo, Maven, STS and paranoid Corporate Proxies (fixed with Fiddler)

If you are using Roo, it uses
to verify signatures of downloaded Roo Add-on.

If your proxy blocks 11371 and
your proxy admin. is paranoid
(or just lazy)
you will hardly get adon installed.

Since I don't know how to change this uri (can I ?)
I open fiddler
and type in the Quick Exec box:

This now uses ubuntu keyserver and "standard" port 80.

Thanx for Fiddler once again.
TODO: Mac solution

Waiting response from Roo team.....


  1. I did not manage perfectly however:
    Start Fiddler
    Start STS (otherwise it will see old corporate proxy set)
    Close Fiddler
    STS still sees localhost:8080 as proxy. restart STS.

    I;m working on this bit as well, but for now I'm happy.