Saturday, May 28, 2011

IBM home page improved

IBM has made several impovements in their homepage markup: so I want to give them credit after all blames I have made before....

I like usage of network path references,
even if it is not consistent across whole page.

Also usage of iepngfix, DD_belatedPNG.fix('#ibm-geo, #q, #ibm-search, .ibm-no-mobile');
is fancy, but, why they don't credit the original author ?

What I still hate is overuse of IDs, presentational classes and endless DIV nestings

<div class="ibm-container" id="ibm-leadspace-head">
<div class="ibm-container-body" id="ibm-leadspace-body">
<div class="ibm-columns" id="ibm-lead-1">
<div class="ibm-col-1-1">

<div id="ibm-pcon">
<div id="ibm-content">
<div id="ibm-content-body">
<div id="ibm-content-main">
<div id="ibm-news-feed">
<div id="ibm-news-feed-inner">

<div class="ibm-container" id="ibm-promotion-module">
<div class="ibm-container-body">
<div class="ibm-columns">
<!-- ibm-col-6-2 ibm-expand-section: Z725354V02338R50 -->
<div class="ibm-col-6-2 ibm-expand-section">
<!-- B302493F36942F04 -->

I believe IBM has finally started to watch Web trends and tries to apply them to their
web design (at least to home page).

It is still very basic improvements,
but I wish them good luck!

Thanx for making my day nicer (even if you have changed this a couple of weeks ago, I have found time only today).

For dark ages see ora or ms homepage markup.
Watch and learn !

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