Thursday, January 7, 2010

Anti-sample Of The Day - Msxml3.XMLHTTP

We have been reviewing different frameworks to see how they use MSXML progids - different versions of MSXML parser and XMLHTTP.
Look at this one:
Shame, the sample comes from PPKs highly credited web site
and if you google a bit you will see how this incorrect version is spread wide (copy-pase development ?).

This is MS XmlTeam suggestion using-the-right-version-of-msxml-in-internet-explorer(from 2006!).
After quick mailing with MS Team thay had confirmed there is no Msxml3.XMLHTTP ;-)

1 comment:

  1. dojo produces 3 more nonsense ProgIDs

    DOJO: dojo\dojo-release-1.3.2\dojo\dojo.js.uncompressed.js

    var ms = function(n){ return "MSXML" + n + ".DOMDocument"; }
    var dp = ["Microsoft.XMLDOM", ms(6), ms(4), ms(3), ms(2)];
    _d.some(dp, function(p){
    var dom = new ActiveXObject(p);
    dom.async = false;

    Microsoft.XMLDOM... ok
    MSXML6.DOMDocument... err
    MSXML4.DOMDocument... err
    MSXML3.DOMDocument... err
    MSXML2.DOMDocument... ok