Monday, December 7, 2009

Prove Me Wrong, please - First line of HTTP request

There is no reliable way to retrieve EXACT form of URI specified in the first line of HTTP request.
This applies to Servlet API (need for Cross-Container solution working at Tomcat, WebSphere 6.0.2,6.1,7.x , and others), as well as to ASP.NET Runtime (2+) on IIS 5.1 (and maybe others not tested) with standard modules in action.

GET /UriHandler.aspx/[%5d HTTP/1.1

Exected result:

Mission: tell me THE MAGIC API to achieve this.

Also wanted: description and comparative tables describing IIS and ASP.NET URL normalization with IIS 5,6,7, with/without URLScan and other URL related HTTP.sys and other settings. I mean complete IIS URL handling stack for all IIS versions ;-)

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  1. I have found UNENCODED_URL. So it seems I could prove myself wrong...
    based on MSDN docs it should be available > IIS 4.0. However on IIS 5.1 it is returning null.